Interpretive Guide Services

Guest Speaker Programs

Glacial Origins:
and the Arrival of the First People
Land Mammals of Cape Cod
Animal Tracks and Sign
The Acculturation of Cape Cod:
Changes in People, Culture, and Landscape
The Early Quaker Seedbed on Cape Cod:
and the Formation of Yarmouth Preparative Meeting

Know your surroundings

Your personalized trail guide leader for
custom day hikes exploring the natural history of
Cape Cod.
Private walks tailored to your specific interests
ranging from short and easy to long and vigorous

Learn to identify local flora and fauna

Learn about the First People’s life ways and
the glacial origins of Cape Cod

Tracking workshops to learn
the “Science of the Track” and
to become a more “Advanced Tracker”

Orienteering: Land Navigation workshops
on how to stay found
with and without a compass and map

Thematic walks along open space trails:             
Forest  Forensics, Winter Ecology,
Forest Succession, Animal Sign Observation
and Track Identification,     
Salt Marsh and Coastal Ecology,
Bird Identification and Observation Skills,
Glacial Geology,
Watersheds and Water Lenses of Cape Cod,
Historic Village and Ancient Cemetery walks
Come quiet the clutter and chaos of contemporary life  
and reconnect with the still small voice within.

Self-contained Educational Station
set-up in the classroom,
museum or out in the field:
seashore,bones, mammals, birds,
lichens, trees

See Cape Cod through the eyes
of a 12th generation native son
and consider current issues
such as the social displacement
of old family lineages rooted
within a communal fabric
and the vanishing next generatio
Certified Interpretive Guide
National Association of Interpretation (NAI)